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Bold originality


We work exclusively with bold clients! If they're not bold, we make them bold as we build their brands bolder and better than ever before.

If we're not striving for originality then what the heck is the point of all this?


Market your value


market clients

We are here to build marketable Geniuzes that build and show value to our team and any others they decide to be a part of.


Scrupulously create


Diligent. Thorough. Extremely attentive to detail. Doing it all the right way is how our clients treat their clients and it's exactly what we do for our's. We just add a whole bunch of bold creativity!

We provide our Geniuzes with opportunities to explore their juicy brains encouraging their own creativity so they can take ownership in what they do for our clients.


People over profit


We go past business meetings and phone calls, we build relationships and show our appreciation in the boldest of ways!

We push our Geniuzes to achieve true balance between their professional and personal life. We put their happiness at the forefront so they can enjoy what they do.


Company Values

Fabric Drop

On a mission to redesign the standard of content marketing

Chief Product Officer

Staverne Joseph

Chief Operating Officer

Aylin Madrigal

Chief Marketing Officer

Yaw Sam

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Howard

Founders of Brand Geniuz
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